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Special Products

We utilize our product portfolio according to each of your projects, and our limits are only your imagination.

Our company is focusing on your needs and wants to offer the best solution at all times. This is why we present you different ways of die cut / kiss cut products, according to your exact needs and working habits. The simplest way we supply products are in the following forms;

  • Roll form
  • Single pieces
  • Sheet form
  • Clean stripped rolls
  • Clean stripped sheets
  • With or without back split liners
  • Perforated die-cuts
  • Kiss cut parts
  • Die cut parts 

We also meet today’s requirements with electroforming, etching, die casting, punching, stamping processes and products.

Electroforming, Etching, Die Casting, Punching, Stamping

Products such as precise metal nameplates / logos, self adhesive cosmetic parts such as speaker grills, or mobile product parts such as frames, keypads, or their moulds are all available in our product range.

Not only finished parts, but also modular products for customers who are having special inquiries in these fields and need precise equipments are also always welcome.

For more information please contact us.

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Die cut and kiss cut tapes and combinations thereof

Die cut and kiss cut tapes and their combinations with printed materials, conductive or isolating materials offer you the option to implement desired and engineered shapes for today’s most efficient bonding technology.

Either complex shapes, or simply overseen basic cuts can improve your production speed and efficiency, resulting in cost down and higher production volumes, with less waste materials for a cleaner environment and lower production costs.

We are ready to manufacture all desired parts with our abilities, and are not only limited to our current capabilities with the help of our diverse business partners and constant investments.

For more information please contact us.

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