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Protective Products

We are there to meet your most demanding and challenging protection requirements. This includes not only protection during assembly, but also during shipping, and the final product itself.

These products do not only serve as protecting the product it is applied on, but also have dampening and insulating effects, and are used widely in the automotive, electronics and white goods industries.

The mainly requested and widely supplied types are

  • Surface protection tapes
  • Self Adhesive Bumpers
  • Combined products

Surface Protection Tapes

These kind of tapes are used on various surfaces such as aluminum, PVC and other plastics, or high gloss surfaces.
They can be used on rough surfaces, and can also be used during laser cutting or deep drawing. They can be used for protection during transportation, or as protection against scratches in which they stay in their application area until the consumer of the product peels it off.
We therefore ask you to contact us for any planned or requested application of such protection tape.

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Self Adhesive Bumpers

These items are mainly produced from Polyurethane rubber material, and have acrylic based adhesives to stick onto the applied product.
Application areas are underneath computer or other FPD screens, and also inside kitchen cabinet doors. Practically, if you have a vibration or a possibility of hitting something somewhere, than the application of such products becomes very important.
Shapes can differ according to requests, as well as their colours. We can also supply different materials for bumpers such as foams or cork material.

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Combined Products

Our main goal is to serve our clients with products which are either complex or simple, but serve their purposes.

Our business solution partners are commonly known in their fields. Therefore we can combine specialty foams with specialty tapes, and produce self adhesive from a vibration or noise dampener to a non-flame armoured vehicle insulation material, as well as combine PVC with tapes and make a pump protector, which protects your washing machine during working.

We have also combined tapes for EMI, and have produced a 100% EMC anti-flame tape for flat panels, and have solved their charge problems which caused distortions in sight, colour, or sound.

We have also the ability to convert and combine different materials in order to produce cosmetic parts such as speaker grills, or the whole front panel of your appliances, like washing machines, DVD players, Blue ray players or air conditioners.

As a company we have experience for more than 20 years in electronics, surface treatments and energies.

Having finished a project for the military in producing anti-static plastic carriage boxes, we have shown our customers that we are willing to do whatever it takes to combine all our knowledge and product database, to solve any problem that you may have today, or will have in the future.

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