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Industrial applications have various needs nowadays in which some clients want one thing, and the other clients wish to receive the opposite properties. Cases vary and th needs as well.

We will present you the most suitable solution from our portfolio, which untill today has met every demand of every different client’s project.

The mainly requested and widely supplied types are;

  • Foam tapes
  • Metal tapes
  • Thermal pads
  • Combined products

Foam Tapes

Are used when your bonding need requires conformability, cushioning and high adhesion. Their adhesive can be rubber or acrylic based, and the foam material can be diversified according to your application area. These tapes are not being used only for mounting mirrors or soap dispensers; but have a wide range of usage in industries which also include white goods, furniture, automotive.

Materials such as polyethylene, neoprene, EPDM, urethane, PVC, vinyl nitrile, silicone, and specialty foams are all available for your needs.
They are also used as isolation for moisture, noise dampening, scratch protection, heat insulation in building and constructions etc.

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Metal Tapes

The base structure of these tapes are being chosen according to application area, and the requested function. They can be aluminium, copper, lead, etc. and are being used in areas where isolation/conducting of heat or electricity is desired. They can be used as weight, and can also become EMI products for electronics. They have high moisture and chemical substance and acids resistance, and can be used  as general purpose tapes as well.

Due to this large variety of applications, we emphasize on receiving technical details from your side, in order to be able to present you the proper solution and product.

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Thermal Pads

Thermally conductive gap fillers, also know as thermal pads, are silicone pads, filled with ceramic, and reinforced with fibreglass mesh (if requested and needed), and can be supplied with aluminium foil or glass fibre carriers. They are being used for thermal conduction, at areas where there are gaps that need to be filled which are usually between 0,5mm to 2.5mm

The tacky surfaces of these materials allows easy mounting without any requirement for adhesive, and is advantageous since it allows easy removal during servicing.
If this is property is not requested, and the need is for attaching pads, than pressure sensitive adhesives can also be applied for permanency.

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Combined Products

Our main goal is to serve our clients with products which are either complex or simple, but serve their purposes.

Our business solution partners are commonly known in their fields. Therefore we can combine specialty foams with specialty tapes, and produce self adhesive from a vibration or noise dampener to a non-flame armoured vehicle insulation material, as well as combine PVC with tapes and make a pump protector, which protects your washing machine during working.

We have also combined tapes for EMI, and have produced a 100% EMC anti-flame tape for flat panels, and have solved their charge problems which caused distortions in sight, colour, or sound.

We have also the ability to convert and combine different materials in order to produce cosmetic parts such as speaker grills, or the whole front panel of your appliances, like washing machines, DVD players, Blue ray players or air conditioners.

As a company we have experience for more than 20 years in electronics, surface treatments and energies.

Having finished a project for the military in producing anti-static plastic carriage boxes, we have shown our customers that we are willing to do whatever it takes to combine all our knowledge and product database, to solve any problem that you may have today, or will have in the future.

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