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Electical / Electronic

EMC Products
Thermal Control
Metal Tapes

Electrical / Electronic

Insulating, conducting, masking purposes which can be adhesive or non adhesive made from tapes or aluminium, copper, lead, or other materials either serving as an EMC product, or for neutralizing electromagnetic charges, to spreading heat from the PCB and work as a cooling unit, to prevent electricity to spread, or isolate heat; these products are widely used within every industry which includes some relevance to electronics or using some small part of it.

Due to this large variety of applications, we emphasize on receiving technical details from your side, in order to be able to present you the proper solution and product.

The mainly requested and widely supplied types are:

  • EMC products
  • Thermal control products
  • Metal Tapes


EMC products

Supplying a vast number of EMC tapes and materials, specialty products such as antistatic bags and plastic cases are being manufactured for our customers for a varying number of different projects and application areas.

We do not only produce tapes for EMI solutions, but use our 15+ years experience and knowledge in electromagnetics, in order to build up new projects and produce new products in this field.

It is your duty to tell us more about the your projects/problems, the surface energy or EMI problem you have and where you have it, and it is our duty to solve this problem with the appropriate product(s).

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Thermal Control

Thermal control is involving products which are being produced for lowering heat in areas needed, insulating from heat, are conducting heat at areas where this is asked for.
The most commonly produced items are thermal pads and heat spreading flakes, as well as conductive and isolating materials.

Thermally conductive gap fillers, also know as thermal pads, are silicone pads, filled with ceramic, and reinforced with fiberglass mesh (if requested and needed), and can be supplied with aluminum foil or glass fiber carriers. They are being used for thermal conduction, at areas where there are gaps that need to be filled which are usually between 0,5mm to 2.5mm

The tacky surfaces of these materials allows easy mounting without any requirement for adhesive, and is advantageous since it allows easy removal during servicing.
If this is property is not requested, and the need is for attaching pads, than pressure sensitive adhesives can also be applied for permanency.

Thermal flakes or, thermal heat spreaders are a low cost solutions in areas where heat sinks are not appropriate and are effective in cooling IC devices.
Whether in PCs, FPDs, microprocessors or laptops, these units can be easily applied on printed circuit boards, where there is excess heat and it needs to be cooled down. The copper structure of these units are being used as thermal conductors, which spread the heat onto a bigger area and cools down the are at around 20° C.

They can be easily adjusted to uneven surfaces as well and serve optimal thermal and mechanical properties, with an easy application where you peel the unit from its release paper, and stick the unit on the area which you want to cool down.

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Metal Tapes

The base structure of these tapes are being chosen according to application area, and the requested function. They can be aluminium, copper, lead, etc. and are being used in areas where isolation/conducting of heat or electricity is desired. They can be used as weight, and can also become EMI products for electronics. They have high moisture and chemical substance and acids resistance, and can be used  as general purpose tapes as well.

Due to this large variety of applications, we emphasize on receiving technical details from your side, in order to be able to present you the proper solution and product.

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