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Turkish Naval Forces safety signs and tapes

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The common need for healthier products and increasing demand for safety and security in our daily lives, has made photo luminescent safety signs more important than ever.
This is also why the usage of photo luminescent signs and safety tapes have begun to be used in large quantities in the defence industries as well.

In 2009 the Turkish navy, which is the worlds 8th and Europe’s 3rd biggest naval forces, has tried to outsource their need for such material, and this has been an ongoing project for 7 years. The project included more than 250 different signs and materials, which were going to serve the need for the entire Turkish naval forces.

With doing research for over a year and careful preparations, we have been granted the right to produce all items being needed by the naval forces as a complete package.

Today, are products are already on the water, and we will have the great honour of serving the Turkish naval forces again soon.

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